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This book is about changing the world. 

Most of the changes we want to see in the world are the result of organizations taking on the world's problems.  These organizations can be for-profit or nonprofit, but many of the truly remarkable ones combine methods of both.  We will see many examples of amazing hybrid organizations in this book.

When you think about it, though, it's people who truly get the job done.  They may start a business or a nonprofit, or they may work for one.  But you can be sure that if an organization is doing work that is world changing, you'll find it's through inspiring (and inspired) people.  That's why this book will help you design your life -- so that you can live a life that matters to you and still sock away money in the bank.

And sometimes things can, or should, happen at the level of society, or a large swath of it.  What one organization may be incapable of, many organizations (and many people) may be more than able to accomplish.  Planetary changes are shaped in surprising ways.  You'll see how creating massive change taps into many skills that you already possess.

So ... we can say that this book is about creating change at each of these levels: people, organizations, and society.  

As you know, people face fears and uncertainty.  Organizations get stuck following methods that don't serve them or society.  Society seems to be spinning out of control.  But, there is hope -- and this book is nothing less than a guidebook to help us confront these challenges ... and change the world.